Lower Gauley

Wood’s Ferry


RAPID NAME: Wood's Ferry



In Wood’s Ferry, the first major rapid in the Lower Gauley Canyon, the widest channel for an entrance is in the center of the river. Beware of a large slamming pour-over hydraulic right of center at the top of this rapid.

Once past the meaty pour over you’ll be staring downstream at a bunch of confusing waves and current that are washing you quickly downstream. A great wave hit exists towards the bottom of this rapid followed by Julie’s Juicer, a boulder on the right side of the channel. To avoid a quick and violent flip followed by a deep swim, back away from the rock and ferry to the left after crashing through the wave. Also beware of the undercut rock on the bank to the right of Julie’s Juicer.

There is river access on both sides of the river in the pool below this rapid.

View Aerial Images of Woods Ferry Rapid

Wood's Ferry Rapid at 2800 cfs

Filmed from the left at the bottom of the rapid, this video describes the features present in the Wood's Ferry Rapid and includes footage of whitewater rafting through the rapid..