Lower Gauley

Heaven Help You (V)


RAPID NAME: Heaven Help You



Upon approaching Heaven Help You Rapid, you will notice that the top of the rapid is very shallow and technical. The widest entrance is located to the left of center and just to the right of a jagged dry rock that resembles a crown. After you’ve picked your way through the top, the rapid will quickly pick up speed as the river begins to constrict, and you will want to watch out for a slamming pour-over hole on the right. Once past this, the current rushes towards and through the “Gates”, which block the channel at the bottom of the rapid. Unless you’re running this section at low water levels, the Right Gate will be submerged and forming a sticky pour-over hydraulic. A ten foot wide tongue of water separates the Right Gate from the massive boulder that is the Left Gate, which can be seen from far upstream. If you hit the Left Gate take a deep breath, because you’re going for a swim! Watch out for an undercut rock on the left, just downstream of the Gates.

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Heaven Help You Rapid at 2800 cfs

Filmed from just downstream of the Gates, this video describes the features present in Heaven Help You Rapid and includes footage of whitewater rafting and kayaking through the rapid..