Lower Gauley

Canyon Doors


RAPID NAME: Canyon Doors



The sheer sandstone cliff walls that rise out of the water on right bank make Canyon Doors Rapid one of the most scenic locations on the entire Gauley River. There are five rock faces (doors) separated by seven steep vegetated gulches (hinges). Like Koontz Flume Rapid just upstream, Canyon Doors flows over smooth shelf rock, and is on average rather shallow. It is also banking a steep turn to the left around the tip of Koontz Bend, which explains the extra wear on the right side of the gorge through this section.

The widest entrance is on the right. Look out for a pinning rock on the right side of the channel at the entrance and a stiff hole on the left. Once through the top, you will direct your attention on a wide, shallow hole at the bottom of the rapid.

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Canyon Doors Rapid at 2800 cfs

Filmed from the right bank at the entrance of the rapid, this video describes the features present in Canyon Doors Rapid and includes footage of whitewater rafting through the rapid..