Lower Gauley

Pure Screaming Hell (V)


RAPID NAME: Pure Screaming Hell



Pure Screaming Hell Rapid can be scouted by rock hopping down the right bank. If you haven’t run this one before, I’d highly recommend that you take a look. Because of the location of the numerous hazards down the right side of the river and the rapid’s sharp bend to the left throughout its course it is difficult to get back on track once you’re off line.

After entering, you’ll want to find your way to the left in order to avoid the hammering pour over in the center of the channel. Once past the big hole in the middle, the channel opens up and the water picks up speed as it rounds the corner to the left. Keep your eyes open for the undercut on the right bank. The current will try to sling shot you over to it if you’re not paying attention. Once past here there is a wave train that leads directly into the Hell Hole at the bottom of the rapid. Beware: if you come off the wave train too far to the right, you’ll end up in front of the entrance of a terrible sieve. A large boulder is all that separates the Hell Hole from the sieve, so be sure to approach with extreme caution!

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Pure Screaming Hell Rapid at 2800 cfs

Filmed from the bottom of the rapid on the right, this video describes the features present in Pure Screaming Hell Rapid and includes footage of whitewater rafting through the rapid..