Upper Gauley

Screaming S-Turn


RAPID NAME: Screaming S-Turn



Screaming S-Turn Rapid is named for the move that you’ll have to make if you choose the left hand line. From the entrance you’ll have to ferry far enough to the left to avoid a pinning rock and a nasty undercut slot. At higher flows the push of the water makes for a small margin of error. By 2800 cfs (Fall Flow), most rafters will opt for the line down the right side.

The right hand route is pretty straightforward. Just be sure to get far enough to the right to avoid the retentitive ledge hole.

View Aerial Images of Screaming S Turn Rapid

Screaming S-Turn Rapid at 2800 cfs

Filmed from large upstream boulder on the right, video includes a description of the features present in Screaming S-Turn Rapid. Inlcudes footage of whitewater rafting and kayaking through the rapid.

Screaming S-Turn Rapid at 650 cfs

Filmed from undercut boulders on the left, this video includes a description of low water features in Screaming S-Turn Rapid and includes footage of whitewater rafting, kayaking and inflatable kayaks.