Upper Gauley



RAPID NAME: Conestoga



This one is named after the rock in the middle of the rapid that looks like an old conestoga wagon, which can be seen best from the entrance. It starts out over a sloping ledge and into a series of friendly wave holes. From here the current will direct you to a small section of calmer water on the right where you will have to decide how you are going to tackle the bottom section of the rapid.

The main area of concern is at the bottom of the center channel. It contains a nasty boiling hydraulic backed up by a rock. Escape from this hole would be difficult to impossible. Be sure that you are aware of where this is before running the rapid because the hole is not visible from the top of the drop. The widest path through the bottom of Conestoga Rapid is on the left. There are also some routes on the far right side over a shallow six foot ledge.

View Aerial Images of Conestoga Rapid

Conestoga Rapid at 2800 cfs

Filmed from two locations, this video describes the features present in Conestoga Rapid and includes footage of whitewater rafting and kayaking through the rapid.

Conestoga Rapid at 300 cfs

Filmed from the bottom left, this video includes a low water description of Conestoga Rapid and includes footage of inflatable kayaks navigating the rapid on an ACE Summer Upper Gauley trip.