Upper Gauley



RAPID NAME: Entrance



The put in at the dam currently has two boat launches, and if you choose to take the upstream one, you will get to run an extra little rapid. Immediately after flowing from the base of the dam, the stream bed constricts between the right shore and a jumble of large undercut boulders on the left, and forms a nice little wave train.

The current that comes out of this constriction pushes directly towards a large slanted boulder just downstream with seemingly magnetic qualities. This rock is badly undercut and the tight slot to the right of it is commonly clogged with wood and debris. It can be easily avoided by simply catching the eddy on the left below the constriction or just staying to the left side of the wave train.

Once past the undercut rock, you’ll drop over a four foot ledge to finish out the rapid. The downstream put in is located below this on the right shore. This launch is accessible from the downstream end of the parking lot.

View Aerial Images of the Entrance Rapid

Entrance Rapid at 2800 cfs

Filmed from the left bank, this video points out the dangerous undercut rock on the right side of the channel.